Now using Mephisto!


It may come a surprise to some of you that the author of Radiant is now using Mephisto for his Weblog, but I’ve decided to give it a shot while Radiant is still under development. True blogging support is a couple of months away for Radiant so I figured it would be good to scope out the “competition” in the meantime.

Rick and Justin have done a phenomenal job on Mephisto. It’s simple, the interface is well designed (very professional), and the code underneath is beautiful. The closest thing I can compare it to is Textpattern from the PHP world—and it is much better. Asset management and theme support put it head and shoulders above Textpattern.

As to the Radiant vs. Mephisto argument. I’d say that Mephisto is much better for blogging and probably always will be. Radiant will eventually add support for blogging, but it’s focus will continue to be content management. I want Radiant to be a light-weight CMS, with a blogging engine feel, but blogging will always take second place to content management. This is good news for the Rails community because I think Mephisto’s goal is to be a great blogging engine first and after that a light-weight content management system.

My hat is off to Rick and Justin. Mephisto is definitely a Typo killer.

© 2013 John W. Long