Out with the old, on with the new

Today, I’m officially retiring the old design above in favor of a new design. For the benefit of my RSS readers, here’s a screenshot of the new design:

The new design uses a number of CSS3 techniques including gradients, drop shadows, rounded-corners, and rotation. In order to get the best results you will need to use a Webkit-based browser (Safari, or Google Chrome). The site degrades gracefully though so you shouldn’t have any problem reading the site if you your browser doesn’t support theses features of CSS3. You just won’t be able to view the site in all of its glory.

I am very pleased with how the whole site has turned out. I have spent a significant amount of time tuning the message of the different pages. I’m quite fond of my about me page and the new hire me page is a worthy addition. Cream turns out to be a wonderful background color. It adds extra pop to each of my images.

© 2013 John W. Long