Brandon Mathis: Fancy Avatars

Brandon Mathis My good friend and fellow designer Brandon Mathis has put together a wonderful little default avatar package that is available for free on his website.

Brandon and I had the good fortune of being able to work together on back in 2008. MemberHub’s design needs were growing beyond what I could handle at the time so we needed someone to help us power through many of the features we were working on. An all around great guy and extremely competent designer, Brandon was just the sort of person we were looking for to assist us.

Default Avatar (male) So it was while we were in the midst of things working on MemberHub that Brandon took the time to improve the MemberHub default avatar. The default avatar is the picture that every user gets to represent them if they haven’t uploaded a photo on At the time we were using a lame question mark avatar reminiscent of the old Facebook default avatar. We wanted to make the avatar a little more personal. As we looked around for a good free option we discovered to our chagrin that there really weren’t any. We both thought this was a shame, so Brandon spent his own time to create a default avatar set that we could use on that he could also release for anyone to use.

Fancy Avatars

The result was Fancy Avatars. A default avatar set that can be easily customized to suit your needs. The set includes male and female avatars, and the orignal vector source image (a Fireworks PNG). Fancy Avatars is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license so it is free to use on both commercial and personal projects.

Check out the demo page or download the set now.

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