Radiant CMS: add child menu

Josh French and I have just committed a series of changes to Radiant that will change the way page children are created (you must be running on edge to see the changes). Instead of creating a child page immediately, the “Add Child” button will now present you with a list of page types. The goal of this change is to move the selection of page type to page creation. This change is essential for a number of other ideas that we are considering.

One benefit of this approach is that it allows a custom page type to change the way a page is initialized. For example, a page type could determine the initial values of fields or page parts.

In the future, this could also allow custom page types to easily make modifications to the page editing interface. So a Blog Post page type could add a dropdown to select the post author, or even list the comments on the post. Or an Event page type could add fields for the location and date.

We are looking for feedback on this change from the Radiant community. Add your thoughts in the comments below.

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