New MemberHub home page

Last week I helped MemberHub launch a revised version of their home page. This is a bit of a stealth redesign in that we maintained the look and feel of the previous version, but we did a lot to both expand and simplify the message.

The first thing you might notice is that we simplified our tag-line/introduction. Instead of a header + paragraph introduction we reduced it to a single tag-line. Engage your members and streamline communications with one simple tool. While more information was being presented with the header + paragraph approach, we feel that this simple sentence packs more punch and gets right to the heart of what MemberHub provides.

We also replaced the Get Started form with a simple Start Free Trial button. Originally that “Get Started” form allowed a user to type a name for a hub and instantly jump into the signup process for a free hub. But we long ago abandoned pushing free hubs in favor of our organization offering. When we did that, we modified the form to kickoff the organization signup process instead, but never took the time to rethink what should actually be there. The new “Start Free Trial” button drastically simplifies the process and again, gets to the point faster.

The third thing we did was simplify the screenshot area. We moved the “View the Product Tour” link under our main call-to-action, and dropped the stock photography in favor of a larger screenshot.

One of our goals for this revision was to push our customers front and center. We wanted it to be clear that people are finding MemberHub useful for all kinds of organizations. The blue “Every day…” section accomplishes this goal quite well and the quotes below reinforce that message with real testimonies from people in different verticals.

The next section is the Features/Benefits section of the home page. Compared to the previous version this section has been greatly expanded. It took several iterations on the design of this section to arrive at this approach, but we are very happy with the results.

One of the hard things about MemberHub’s value proposition is that it is a dual proposition. MemberHub is useful as a traditional Membership Management System and as a Web-based communications tool. It is here that MemberHub really shines so we wanted to drive this point home to potential customers.

In early iterations of this section, I had “Online Groups” and “Collaborative Membership Management” listed as one of several features/benefits of the system, but it eventually became clear that we could group the other features/benefits under each of these headings and it would drive the point home even better.

In the final section, we added a couple of things that probably should have been on the site much earlier. The “Web-Based Software” section reinforces that unlike some of MemberHub’s competitors, MemberHub is a Web application. There is nothing to download or install. The “Safe and Secure” section helps alleviate concerns with storing data online or loss of data because it’s not on your own servers.

When you compare the new home page with the old, you’ll notice that the new home page is much taller and contains a richer selection of information. Instead of trying to cram everything in “above the fold” like the old home page did, the new encourages the user to scroll with a more leisurely approach. The call-to-action is repeated at the top and bottom which makes it easy to decide where to go next. We’ve also tried to include enough information so that a potential customer could jump straight into a free trial without needing to learn more.

There are still some things that I think we can do better, but on the whole I am very happy with this revision of the MemberHub home page. It is a huge improvement over the old.

© 2013 John W. Long